15 November 2018,   02:45
14-11-2018 21:22
Edison Research Survey - The results annoy the "Georgian Dream"
14-11-2018 21:14
Presidential Elections - According to "Edison Research" latest survey, Grigol Vashadze wins in the second round
14-11-2018 20:30
CEC Decision - Second round of elections will be held on Wednesday, November 28th
14-11-2018 20:05
Noise at the CEC session - session was held on the background of the debate regarding the second round of the elections
14-11-2018 19:35
US Ambassador meets with Minister of Internal Affairs
14-11-2018 19:03
Third sector asks Audit Service to study the issue of funding of movement "No to National Movement"
14-11-2018 18:57
"We had a very useful meeting with the head of the ODIHR mission" - Grigol Vashadze
14-11-2018 18:51
"I do not expect anything from these studies" - Salome Zourabichvili responds to the survey results of "Edison Researc
14-11-2018 18:48
Today your government crosses the red line in the Hague - Salome Samadashvili to the ruling team
14-11-2018 18:21
"Mr. Roman, I am trying not to insult you personally, otherwise are not you sure that I can do it very well" - Finance Minister to Gotsiridze
14-11-2018 18:11
Shameful deal between "Georgian Dream" and election administration - opposition assesses Kaladze"s statement regarding the election date
14-11-2018 15:51
Naming Vashadze"s candidacy is a step taken by Saakashvili in Russia"s interests - Bakhtadze
14-11-2018 15:11
"Say hello to Edison, which has twice published fraudulent research results,"- Results of new survey irritate ruling team
14-11-2018 15:01
Tbilisi Mayor names election date before the CEC
14-11-2018 14:50
A few hours before announcement of the election day, Tamar Zhvania meets Bidzina Ivanishvili in the glass palace
14-11-2018 12:42
CEC session postponed - the date of the election is likely to be announced at 19:00
14-11-2018 12:33
73% of respondents believe that the country develops in the wrong direction - Edison Research
14-11-2018 12:28
2% of interviewees assess Salome Zurabishvili very positively, 32 % very negatively - Edison Research
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