17 June 2019,   03:41
16-06-2019 15:08
President gets acquainted with the rehabilitation process of cultural heritage monuments in Abastumani
16-06-2019 14:41
"Liberal forces should realize that this is too much, I call this moral terror," said Archbishop Jacob"s while preaching about "Tbilisi Pride"
16-06-2019 14:34
Young people are facing big threats" - Ilia II
16-06-2019 12:17
"It was an inappropriate and incompetent comment that unfortunately is characteristic for her" - Gigi Tsereteli responds to Salome Zourabichvili"s statement
16-06-2019 12:05
" A port of this scale cannot be constructed for 100% security reasons, there should also be a business component" - Machavariani talks about the port of Anaklia
16-06-2019 10:08
Police arrested 21-year-old youngster who appropriated thousands of GEL by false Facebook accounts
16-06-2019 10:05
Parliamentary Investigative commission will be created, whether today"s government wants it or not - Malkhaz Machalikashvili
15-06-2019 19:21
German tourist died in Keda district
15-06-2019 17:58
Georgian and Azerbaijani governments should realize that Georgian people are not going to give up Davit Gareji - Irma Inashvili
15-06-2019 17:35
When the state fails to maintain decency, people should take power in their hands - Guram Palavandishvili
15-06-2019 17:01
Mamuka Bakhtadze talked to the participants of the round table at Dallas Capital Factory
15-06-2019 16:14
High officials dare not or do not want to resist the interference of the Patriarchate in governmental activities - Kordzaia
15-06-2019 15:16
There were many violent and insulting calls, which was answered by law enforcers - Deputy Ombudsman
15-06-2019 15:07
We do not need confrontations brought from outside - Salome Zurabishvili
15-06-2019 14:06
Democratic party leaders in Moldova left the country
15-06-2019 13:40
"Awakening of Power" - presentation of Mikheil Saakashvili"s new book
15-06-2019 13:29
Malkhaz Machalikashvili continues collecting signatures
15-06-2019 13:12
Levan Vasadze releases a statement containing threats and hate speech
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