20 March 2019,   06:01
"When it comes to violent maniacs he thinks that it is necessary to pardon them " - Opposition criticizes the president

The President is being criticized for pardoning Vepkhia Bakradze by the opposition.

A Chairman of the Parliamentary Faction "European Georgia" says that he does not see the logic in Giorgi Margvelashvili"s decision.

"When it comes to violent maniacs and drug traffickers, he considers it necessary to use the prerogative of pardoning. case some kind of pardoning prerogative is considered necessary. It seemed that circumstances are more important for the president. "

The motivation of Vepkhia Bakradze"s pardon is unclear for "UNM as well. According to Salome Samadashvili, the President does not use the pardon to confront political repressions carried out by Ivanishvili, but instead, he releases rapists.