25 April 2019,   19:04
President made the right decision - Tornike Rizvadze

"The President of Georgia has made the right decision," Tornike Rizhvadze, the candidate for the Chair of the Adjarian Autonomous Republic, told journalists.

According to him, the Cabinet of Ministers has already been selected and he will introduce a working plan to the community in coming days.

"It is good that the president correctly explained the constitutional record and shared the will of the people, we will have active communication in the current days, the cabinet of ministers will be presented to the public and the vision that we think will answer the challenges that are in Adjara.

"We have a very dynamic program vision in terms of economy, as well as governance, agriculture development and in the nearest future it will be presented to the Supreme Council and the broad engagement of the public will be ensured in the process.

"The staff of the Cabinet of Ministers is selected by qualifications and experience and I think that the composition will be able to adequately tackle the challenges of the region and justify people"s expectations," - said Rijvadze.