29 February 2020,   08:41
Mobilization of wrestlers in Liege - emigrants talk about possible provocation at meeting with Saakashvili

Provocations are planned in Liege, where Georgian immigrants are preparing to meet with Georgia"s third president. Participants of the meeting are reporting about this. According to them, mobilization of certain groups from the various cities is taking place in order to not to allow the meeting with Mikheil Saakashvili. Emigrants say that the government is afraid of it and has provided a big financial resource for mobilizing a large group for provocations on the ground.
"Yesterday we were in Brussels and we met Georgians in the center. Around 12-15 women who shun away when they saw flags. There is also the information that people from different countries have been brought here for provocation. I hope that provocation will not take place. We are very peaceful and I call on everyone to avoid provocations, etc. We are here to support Georgia and support our children"s bright future, "-Nino Grdzelidze said.
The information confirms one of the organizers of the meeting Giorgi Sigua. According to him, sportsmen are mobilized in Liege, including wrestlers, who know him as well.
"I know that people were asked to arrange a provocation here but I am sure that these provocations will not take place. B I really know that there are athletes, not only wrestlers but also other athletes. I do not know what they think, how they think and what they are going to arrange, but any excess will be punished with the full strictness of the law. You will find unprecedented security measures here, "said Giorgi Sigua.
Courier has also recorded the mobilization of athletes at the airport. One of the sportsmen was fixed by the "Courier" camera at the airport and later in the hotel in Liège, where the meeting is held.