20 September 2019,   02:24
Another confrontation between Beselia and Zardiashvili

A new confrontation between members of the ruling party - Eka Beselia criticizes Vano Zardiashvili and undermines her professionalism.

Beselia says that the amendments to the Organic Law on "Common Courts" should be judged by those,e who are qualified lawyers and not those who are not even first-graders.
This acute replica of Beselia was caused by Vano Zardiashvili"s statement, who said that such changes will not be signed even by a first-grader or a self-respecting lawyer.

"The High Council of Justice and the Lobbyists of the Supreme Council have been so overwhelmed by the changes, seems that we have come to the point, which will help to temporarily suspend, announce moratorium in order to avoid closure of the entire judicial system.

Today I heard the statement of one of the judges, saying the Council shall appoint its own representative in the Parliament. The Council already has too many representatives and lobbies at the Parliament, "- Beselia said.