29 February 2020,   08:28
Another noisy change - the unified national exams can be radically changed

Unified National Exams may be radically altered - after the abolition of the school graduation exams and the general skills` exams , the Ministry of Education prepares another noisy change.
Specifically, from 2023-24, it is not excluded that university entrants should pass exams not in different subjects, but only one exam on combined knowledge and skills. After that, universities will be responsible for the admission of students.
According to the Ministry of Education, this amendment was based on the study, which was discussed today. The study discussed the abolition of the CAT exams and making the skills` exam as an optional subject.
"It will be one of the major centralized exams in the future, combining the subjects and the skill` test , according to which universities will select students. But this is a far-reaching perspective. If we agreed on everything and plan it step by step, everything is going to be as planned, in our opinion it is possible to move to this model by 2023-24, "said Irina Abuladze, Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.
Sopho Gorgodze, director of the National Assessment and Examination Center, says that the main attention should be paid not to the exam but also to the school itself.