29 February 2020,   08:46
Open War in "Georgian Dream" - Vano Zardiashvili criticizes Eka Beselia"s qualifications and lack of knowledge of constitution

The open war in the Georgian Dream returns to the corridors of the Parliament.
Eka Beselia"s proposal to suspend judges" lifetime appointment has provoked a new conflict. Today, Scandalous MP Vano Zardiashvili appeared in the scene, who told the lawyer Beselia that she did not know the constitution.
MP from Irakli Kobakhidze`s team compared the former chairperson of the legal committee with a freshman student. After a long silence, Vano Zardiashvili appeared on his own wish in front of cameras only with one purpose - to criticize Eka Beselia.
Eka Beselia"s response was even more acute. According to her Vano Zardiashvili does not have a lawyer`s class or qualification.
Eka Beselia and her colleagues were demanding clarification from the teammates whether Zaradiashvili"s position was the general position of the Georgian Dream on judges.
Eka Beselia and another 8 MPs from the parliamentary majority initiated suspension of judges" lifetime appointment until 2025. The Chairman of the Parliament did not openly say that the majority will not support this bill, but indicated that the appointment of judges for several years will cause serious problems for the functioning of the judiciary.