29 February 2020,   08:12
Anaklia Port - Georgian rival of Russian Novorossisk, which will be able to receive large ships

At the end of 2020, the Anaklia Port should take the first ship, Georgia"s deep-sea port should start functioning in 2021 - if the construction of the third and largest port in the vicinity of the occupied territories will not be hindered and campaign against the founder of Anaklia consortium Mamuka Khazaradze does not hinder the process.
The founding of this holding is the American "Conti Group."The special charm of the Anaklia project is in its capacity. Now the port will be able to get big ships and reload much more containers than the ports of Batumi and Poti. Processing factories in the area will be working and construction of the entire industry is planned.
At this stage Georgia can get about 25 percent of the Black Sea freight through 2 ports, Batumi and Poti, the rest is lost. Anaklia"s deep-water port, which could serve large and giant ships, will further increase the country"s transit potential. At the same time, another new and alternative transport corridor to the west and east connecting routes will be serious competitor of the Russian port of Novorossiysk.
Western investments in such a project and, therefore, the emergence of the interests of the EU and America, will further increase the geopolitical significance of Georgia.