22 July 2019,   16:48
Murder on Silver Street - "Courier" finds out who is suspect

Police is looking for the main suspect in the murder of Zviad Japaridze"s murder on Silver Street. Zviad Japaridze"s relatives say that he has no conflict with anyone, but reportedly police considers personal revenge as one of the versions of the crime.

Courier informs that law enforcers are looking for Aleksandre Bidzinashvili . A reliable source tells Courier that Japaridze and brothers Alexandre and Beso Bidzinashvili have been acquaintances for a long time. But in recent months, the relationship has become tense.According to the source, Bidzinashvilis had a conflict with Japaridze"s relative, Japaridze was trying to solve the problem and acted as a mediator.
Yesterday he was at the meeting with Bidzinashvilis.Based on the information provided by the source, the conversation turned into the conflict quickly and Japaridze shot Bidzinashvili. 42-year-old Beso Bidzinashvili was wounded and Zviad Japaridze left the area . The suspect was shot by a brother of the wounded. He wounded Volkswagen vehicle, Aleksandre Bidzinashvili and shot 7 times.