29 February 2020,   08:21
Money extortion and physical pressure in the army - beaten soldier to be transferred to the military unit of Norio

19-year-old Kazim Gakhramanov will no longer serve a compulsory military service at Krtsanisi military base. He will be transferred to Norio base in three days.

19-year-old Kazim Gakhramanov has been called on Krtsanisi military base today but he has refused to return and requested the Minister of Defense personally to transfer him.

According to Kazim Gakhramanov , after the announcements he made, he would have problems in Krtsanisi military base.

The scandalous statement about money extortion and pressure was made three days ago. The military police has already launched an investigation.

According to Kazim Gakhramanov , he was informed that all those who were involved in violence against him will be punished.