17 July 2019,   19:37
UNM should win in order to return the state to the Georgian citizen - UNM congress is over

The National Movement"s congress is over and the party has chosen the chairperson by electronic voting today, after the congress was over Grigol Vashadze spoke about the aim of the UNM.
"Our goals are the following , first of all to continue the presidential campaign in the sense to take care of the newly joined supporters. Secondly, it is important to collect signatures to form a democratic party system once and for all. The third goal is to end the conflict in Georgia once and for all, and the fourth main task is to win this election, "Grigol Vashadze said.
Nika Melia remains the chairman of the political council of UNM. He said the party is preparing for victory. Nika Melia says that together with the United Opposition, together with other partner political parties, the National Movement will gain victory in the nearest future.
.The Executive Secretary of the United National Movement also speaks about future plans. According to Koba Nakopia, he has experience in management and will take care of the party to carry out public projects.