21 July 2019,   03:12
Study process is no longer safe for pupils - former school directors

The study process is no longer safe for pupils - so the opposition representatives respond to the seizure of firearms and torture materials in schools.
The opponents of the government, who were former school directors, called catastrophic the results presented by the Resource  Service Office,according to which from September 17, 2019 to April 2019, 66 thousand violations were detected in schools and 853 prohibited items were seized.

Davit Lagvilava, a member of the National Movement says that frequently the statistics are fraudulent and data is even more alarming. The former director of the school # 51 remembered the murder case on Khorava Street and talked about the need to investigate the case.
Opponents of the government think that increased crime in the country negatively affects schools and pupils. According to them, the education system in the country is ruined.
"It is not surprising that the increased crime and deteriorating criminogenic situation in the country makes a peculiar reflection on the learning process. Study process is not safe for pupils, "said Mariam Raminashvili, member of the political council for" European Georgia - Movement for Freedom ".