20 August 2019,   14:54
Negotiations between Giorgi Gakharia and Pankisi Gorge representatives end without result

Negotiations between the Interior Minister and the population of the Pankisi Gorge have ended without result.
The meeting was held at the Kakheti Police Main Division. The participants of the meeting say that Giorgi Gakhraia told them that if the police were injured during the clashes, the perpetrators would be punished.
The meeting was attended by representatives of the population of Pankisi. They were saying that the construction of a hydro power plant should have been the topic of the meeting, but they heard from Giorgi Gakhraia only that the protesters would be punished.
Interior Minister himself left the building without any comment.
The company " Feri" is carrying out construction works in Pankisi. The head of the company says he was late at the meeting and said that the Minister of the Interior ran out and could not answer him. The director of the company also says that if any of the gorge residents presents an argumentative conclusion that it is not possible to construct the HPP in place, he is ready to retreat.
The construction of the third hydropower plant "Khadori 3" started on the Alazani river today. The HPP will be located in the village of Birkani, within a few meters from the settlement. The water supply will be provided to the HPP from the "Khadori two" tailrace channel and part of the river Alazani should be placed in the special pipes. The population believes that this HPP is a threat to them.