05 July 2020,   01:52
"State companies are nests of bargains and nepotism" - Kobulia

"State companies are nests for biased transactions and nepotism," the former minister of economics said in the parliament. Kobulia drew attention to the increase of efficiency of state companies during the report. He spoke about corruption in state companies.
"State companies are still a great part of our economy, and unfortunately present nests of bargains and nepotism," he said.
The former member of the government talked about the problems in the economy. Kobulia talked about the lack of discipline in the ministry and noted that when the document is to be delivered within 20 days, it is issued in 8 months. According to him, important decisions are being delayed.
The opposition is attending the meeting with the former Minister of Economy. Only Bidzina Gegidze, Shota Shalelashvili and Zaza Khutsishvili are ateending from the parliamentary majority.Kobulia is the first minister to openly talk about resignation. He gave a scandalous interview to "Saturday Courier". The former minister of economy spoke in an interview about how he was forced to write a statement about his resignation.