29 February 2020,   08:48
Vasadze, Lortkipanidze are connected with Putin, they preach violence - Giga Bokeria

Vasadze, Lortkipanidze, these people are directly connected with Putin, directly preaching violence - a statement was made by Giga Bokeria, Member of the Parliamentary Faction "European Georgia" regarding the developments at the government administration.
According to Bokeria, organizers of LGBT community counter-demonstration businessman Levan Vasadze and his associates are managed by Russia which wants to destabilize the situation. Bokeria said that the Georgian authorities did not provide an adequate response.
"The organizers of the counter-demonstration, first of all, Vasadze, Lortkipanidze, are the enemies of freedom of every human being in Georgia, not only of the minority but the enemies of freedom of Georgia. These people are directly linked to Putin, directly calling on violence and our government, instead of taking adequate measures when there is an open call for violence, it grants privilege to the violators, "Giga Bokeria said.
The confrontation at the government administration building lasted for a whole night. The situation between the organizers of the "Tbilisi Pride" and the participants of the contract was extremely tense.