25 January 2020,   09:00
" A port of this scale cannot be constructed for 100% security reasons, there should also be a business component" - Machavariani talks about the port of Anaklia

The security component is not the main one, it is essential that the Anaklia project has a business component - this time the Minister of Finance responds to the statement about the strategic project made by Mike Pompeo.
According to Ivane Machavariani, the government declares full support for the Anaklia port project.
"The Anaklia project has the full support of the government. The only thing we have left behind is that cargo insurance. This is a sign of bringing all the risks to the government, "said Machavariani.
According to him, nobody was talking about building a port of Poti, because this issue was raised one day and disappeared on the same day. As for the question, whether the Georgian government is considering the port of Anaklia in the context of economic independence from Russia, Machavariani says:
"It goes without saying that all infrastructure projects and not only the infrastructure projects, all projects that Georgia will strengthen have a security component and but there should be a business component as well. "
According to Machavariani, the government is ready to assist Anaklia port construction.