15 December 2019,   17:11
You have a problem with education - Journalist"s question about Russian MPs irritates Zakaria Kutsnashvili

Zakaria Kutsnashvili does not see a problem in anti-Georgian statements of Russian politicians. Neither the issue, that they are coming to Georgia to attend the Assembly of Orthodox Deputies is problematic for him.

Kutsnashvili, however, finds the problem in Georgian journalists and questions their competence. Courier"s question irritated the majoritarian MP and he ended the press conference prematurely.

"No one has violated the law of occupation. As for the part of the expression, I agree with you in the part of the expression that the anti-Georgian statements were made, but it is not a legal basis not to let them to attend the international forum. You are an educated journalist and I think you will not make such a mistake any more. Or you have problems with education, "Zakaria Kutsnashvili said.