10 December 2019,   03:57
Three policemen kicked the boy until he lost consciousness - eyewitnesses tell details of beating of a 16-year-old teenager

As reported , the police has brutally beaten a a 16-year-old teenager in the Batumi Boulevard .According to witnesses, the boy felt so bad that it was needed to call the emergency service on the ground. The person who witnessed the incident said that the boy was hit by 3 policemen and some others were approaching to help.
"They poured water on him to bring him about. I want those policemen who hit a minor kid to be punished, "said Suliko Kupradze.
The juvenile was riding a bile down the boulevard. Another eyewitness said that he was told by the police to go to the bike drive, which the boy did not do and they beat him.
The doctor says that the boy had hysterical seizure. His health condition is satisfactory and the examination should determine the injuries .
According to the MIA, the teenager did not obey the police, then physically and verbally insulted the policemen. Investigation is in progress under the control of the police.