16 December 2019,   03:59
90 million euros for education, 62 million for energy development

A loan agreement was signed between the World Bank and the Government of Georgia according to which 90 million euros will be allocated for education and 62 million for energy development.
70% of the funds allocated for education development will be spent on rehabilitation of public schools in the capital and regions. The plan is to build new educational institutions. The remainder of the sum will be spent on preschool and higher education reforms.
"The World Bank has been one of the most important partners of our ministry in education reform since the first day. From the first day, we very closely cooperated with the World Bank experts, missions. The main resources will be spent on rehabilitation of schools because you know, too many schools require significant upgrading of the infrastructure, "- said the Minister of Education, Mikheil Batiashvili.
As for the allocation of 62 million for the development of the energy field, it will be used to improve energy connections between West and East Georgia. A 500-kilowatt line and a new substation will be constructed.