04 July 2020,   19:28
Elections with the Proportional System - Procedural Issues Committee Confirmed Authenticity of the signatures submitted by the opposition

The Procedural Issues Committee confirmed the authenticity of more than 200 thousand signatures submitted to the parliament by the opposition party. The opposition collected signatures with the demand of proportional electoral system. According to the amendment, the parliamentary elections of 2020 will be help with proportional system.
The opposition"s initiative implies the constitutional amendment and the universal public discussions. The issue of creating a universal public discussion commission will be discussed at the next special session. The changes in the constitution will be implemented in the autumn session.
At the extraordinary session, the issue of termination of the authority of the MP Zakaria Kutsnashvili will be discussed. The Procedural Issues Committee supported the suspension of the mandate of Mr Kutsnashvili.
Zakaria Kutsnashvili has decided to leave the legislative body after the "Gavrilov night."