16 October 2019,   07:39
Sergey Lavrov asks the Georgian government to punish "Rustavi 2"

Sergey Lavrov asks the Georgian government to punish "Rustavi 2." The official Tbilisi received an ultimatum from the Kremlin today morning. So-called Lavrov"s blacklist was published by the "Аргументы и Факты". The Kremlin calls to the "Georgian Dream" government to carry out punitive measures and specifically indicate who and what method should be used.
The first of the list is "Rustavi 2" and Giorgi Gabunia. The Russian diplomat urges the Georgian authorities and asks to be found the power to be punished TV Host"s disgrace towards the Russian president. Lavrov addressed to the organizers of the anti-occupation rallies, the participants and the opposition. According to the Russian Federation, they encourage Russophobia in the country.
"We hope that the Georgian government will be able to stabilize the socio-political situation of the country and eradicate threats to Russia," -said Lavrov and if the Georgian government is obedient, Russia promises to cancel the sanctions imposed by the Kremlin.