04 July 2020,   19:30
"20% of Georgia is occupied, but we must judge our culprits... Precisely Russian tourists are important" - Bidzina Ivanishvili said in Russian

Bidzina Ivanishvili expressed his opinion with the Russian language and said that the entry of Russian tourists is utterly important for the public diplomacy and who opposes trade with Russia is the enemy of the country.
Ivanishvili says that the "United National Movement" is trying to damage Georgian-Russian relations, because they want to welcome Russian soldier instead of Russian tourist.
According to Ivanishvili, in 2008 the members of the previous government lead the Russian troops in Georgia. According to him, 20% of Georgia is occupied by Russia, but "we must judge our culprits."
""The person who wants for Georgia to be expelled from the Russian market is the enemy of the country. Russian troops were led by the former members of the government, they still want to do so - they do not want Russian tourists to arrive, they want a soldier here. It"s not their negligence but betrayal, the damage of the war of 2008 is under the responsibility of the "United National Movement." Do not think that I justify the Russian army"s presence in Georgia. "Georgian Dream" always say that 20% of the country is occupied, but we must judge our culprits. Arrival of Russian tourists in Georgia is utterly important. It is important for us to develop public diplomacy which will provide stability among nations. "- Said Bidzina Ivanishvili.