16 October 2019,   07:33
Strasbourg"s decision - Kibar Khalvashi releases a statement

After the decision of Strasbourg Court, Kibar Khalvashi has released a statement:

"Today there is no doubt that I am the only legitimate owner of the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 and that this company was seized by Mikheil Saakashvili and United National Movement. Today the Strasbourg Court has lifted the temporary restriction imposed by them. Now the last barrier has been removed so far as the decision on imposing a temporary measure as a provision of the Strasbourg Court can not be appealed and the Georgian Government is obliged to immediately execute the decision of the Supreme Court of Georgia, which returns the broadcasting company to me.

Naturally, at this stage, the main question to me is - what will my first steps be and how I imagine the future of Rustavi 2.

I"m not going to be involved in the editorial policy of the channel. I will guarantee freedom of expression and speech . I will not interfere with the professional activities of Rustavi 2 journalists. All this will be ensured with maximum transparency. I hope that the company staff will adequately meet the decision of the Strasbourg Court and continue their professional activities and we will all work together to ensure that Rustavi 2 is a successful and popular channel.

The change concerns only one person. Nika Gvaramia, who is actually appointed by the regime, which has seized the company. He will not be able to continue to work in the company as a journalist or as a Director-General.
Instead, my company will be headed by my lawyer, Paata Salia, who will have a clear task in the first stage - to ensure uninterrupted work of the channel and at the same time to study the financial situation in the company, for which an international audit company with a high reputation should be invited, "The statement reads.