05 July 2020,   13:53
They want to create a mouthpiece, ordinary governmental television - Gigi Ugulava

They want to create the governmental company - this statement was made by Gigi Ugulava, Secretary General of "European Georgia" after the announcement of the decision of the European Court of Human Rights. Ugulava is convinced that the government wants to turn "Rustavi 2" into governmental channel.
Ugulava also speaks about Kibar Khalvashi and calls him the tool of the government.
According to him, the fight is in the decisive phase and we do not have to give up.
"The first and the most important thing I want to say is that no one should ever give up, because the fight continues and I"ll tell you more, the process is in the decisive phase. I new about he possibilities of impediments from the government. They do not give us the opportunity. They want to destroy "Rustavi 2." They want to create governmental channel," - Ugulava said.