12 November 2019,   09:55
Gegidze"s summoning to the State Security Service is not connected with his political statements - Zoidze

Akaki Zoidze responds to the summoning of Bidzina Gegidze, a Georgian Dream MP, at the State Security Service.

According to one of the leaders of the ruling team, summoning Gegidze is not related to his current job. Zoidze says that according to the information at his disposal, the investigation into which Gegidze is being interviewed began a year ago.

That is why the opposition"s statements, that the recent developments are linked to his refusal to support the suspension of Nika Melia"s parliamentary immunity, are unacceptable for Zoidze.

Gegidze is summoned to the Gomelauri office for questioning. The lawmaker initially wrote about this on Facebook and indicated that he is going to visit the State Security Service these days.