06 June 2020,   02:11
Karamanishvili Brothers vs. Tsulukiani"s agency - Lawsuit is filed

Former owners of Rustavi 2, the Karamanishvili brothers, sue the Public Registry. A lawsuit has already been filed in the City Court. Brothers Karamanishvili consider that Tea Tsulukiani"s decision according to which Kibar Khalvashi received shares very fast is illegal.

“They demand the annulment of the decision that the shares of Rustavi 2 were registered as the property of Kibar Khalvashi. However, despite the fact that the so-called auction organized by Kibar Khalvashi looks very funny, the former founders urge everyone not to buy property, shares of Rustavi 2 , because They the trial continues and in future will surely be determined that Kibar Khalvashi is not the rightful owner of Rustavi 2, ”says Dimitri Sadzaglishvili.

Lawyer Dimitri Sadzaglishvili explains the reasons why he said that after the Strasbourg court"s ruling, the registry should not transfer shares to Kibar Khalvashi. According to the lawyer, after the appeal, the Grand Chamber of the Court of Human Rights may make a different decision, after which the dispute should be resolved in Georgian court.

Sadzaglishvili also does not exclude that the new owner will bankrupt the broadcasting company.

"They have other plans for the company. They will probably try to bankrupt the company, either directly or indirectly, which means the closure of programms, staff changes, reduction of salaries, etc, ”says Sadzaglishvili.