06 June 2020,   03:09
There are no former KGB employees - analysts protest Dimitry Lezhava"s appointment

There is no former KGB officers - the appointment of a Soviet security officer as the president"s adviser has already been followed by protests from military experts. They find it difficult to explain Zurabishvili"s decision.

Paata Gigauri, the head of Defence and Security direction at the Civil Movement, says there is no shortage of staff in the country. According to him, there are many experts in this field in Georgia who have received education and practical experience in the West.

"Why it was necessary to appoint a Soviet staff as an adviser to the president, while he is not military and it raises questions how he had earned his rank, it makes no sense at all ," - says Paata Gigauri.

According to him, Lezhava is also an activist for the Georgian Dream, but there is no other information about him.