09 April 2020,   17:31
Banners and flyers - Ministry of Health is strengthening information campaign on Coronavirus

The Ministry of Health decided to spread information brochures and flyers about the coronavirus in the airports. They will contain detailed information about the virus on Georgian, English, and Chinese languages.

According to Tamar Gabunia, the First Deputy Minister of Health, there is no final decision on the new action plan; for now, the focus is on the information campaign: “It is important to have information banners and flyers on how a traveler coming from China or any other country should behave if they have the symptoms”.

According to the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, there is no real danger of coronavirus in Georgia, but even with minimal risk, safety measures are essential.

Silviu Domente, the Head of WHO Country Office in Georgia, said that countries should prepare for possible spread of the virus, which involves testing their labs, health facilities, medical staff, airports, and ports.