30 March 2020,   13:50
Snow, rains, storms and avalanches - the weather will be severely deteriorated all over Georgia

The weather will be severely deteriorated in Georgia from today afternoon, with heavy snow in mountainous regions and storms at sea, some sections of roads will become icy, the National Environment Agency said on Friday.

According to the Agency, heavy meteorological conditions will be maintained in Georgia (mainly in western Georgia and the western part of eastern Georgia) until the afternoon of January 24). In Tbilisi the temperature likely to drop to 4 degrees Celsius.

Due to heavy snowfall, visibility impairment and avalanches traffic can be restricted on some sections of the Georgian highways.

The Environment Agency said that wind is expected throughout the country. An expected fall of -3-5 degrees Celsius in the Kolkheti lowlands during the night of January 25-26 may damage citrus crops.