31 May 2020,   17:12
The company, from which we wanted to buy tests, informed us about some defects, after which, the agreement was canceled – Tamar Gabunia

The Chinese company, from which Georgia was going to buy tests, informed the Georgian side about some defects, after which, the agreement was canceled. Such a statement made today the Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia.

“This is another company, this is not the company with which we had negotiations on the purchase of tests. We received a gift and it is used very actively, with high accuracy, as the Lugar lab has the mechanism to check the accuracy of each test.

As for other tests, the company we had been negotiating with had similar negotiations with other European countries as well. They reported about some defects of the tests. We received this information before importing these tests. Thus, this agreement has been completely annulled and we are no longer cooperating in this direction.

There are alternative companies that also have various credibility and reputation ratings. These companies offer us to check the accuracy of the tests first, in order to make sure if they are as sensitive and reliable for Georgians as they were for the population of China. Only after this, will we continue negotiations”, - explained the Deputy Minister.