06 June 2020,   12:12
Citizens will be periodically provided with information about the planned special flights - Davit Zalkaliani

From April 10 to April 27, 6 flights will be operated from foreign countries and Georgian citizens will return to their homeland. Such a statement made today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

According to Davit Zalkaliani, the Government is working on the appointment of additional special flights.

“We have already announced the schedule of flights. We had a flight from Athens yesterday, April, 7, and about 130 Georgian citizens returned home.

I would like to call on the public and our citizens once again to be constantly in touch with embassies and consulates online.

Tbilisi - Larnaca flight will be operated on April 10 and about 130 citizens will be able to come back to Georgia. Besides, flights from Berlin and Amsterdam are scheduled for April 12 and 14.

In addition, under the instructions of the Head of the Government, 3 more flights have been scheduled. Among them is a flight from Tel Aviv, which will take place on April, 18 and flights from Rome and Barcelona on April 24 and 27. We are still working on additional special flights and we will provide you with regular information about it”, - concluded Davit Zalkaliani.