24 January 2019,   18:13
The canceled agreement - "City Park" starts legal dispute with Tbilisi City Hall

City Park starts legal dispute with Tbilisi City Hall. The company learned from the Tbilisi Mayor"s briefing that the contract, which was expiring n the end of 2024, was canceled.

The City Hall did not tell the City Park that it was going to terminate the contract.

The City Mayor stated that the reason behind the decision was an “irresponsible and unlawful performance of public authorities”.

According to City Park information, Tbilisi Mayor broke the contract with the company in violation of law. Unfulfilled liabilities that Kakha Kaladze named as the reason for canceling the contract, as the company explained were not fulfilled due to objective circumstances .

The city park says that up to 200 people have been left unemployed by today"s decision. The parking company will sue Tbilisi City Hall in international arbitration.
Kaladze explained that Tbilisi Transport Company will fulfill the functions of the City Park until a new parking system is established in the capital.
City Transport Company will take over the City park functions from April 10.

The opposition has many unanswered questions. According to their assessment, Kakhi Kaladze has made a populist, unprecedented and vague decision today.