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Good Morning, Georgia! gets country started every weekday.

For the whole fifteen years from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. we have been presenting various rubrics, guests, TV stories, live stand-ups, cultural news and the most important events. The main part of the show is hosted by Eka Samkharadze, Ana Gunter and Otar Kiria. Eko Magradze and Anuka Kinkladze set the agenda for the day ahead bringing the latest news happening in Georgia and around the world every half an hour. Sports news and results of the latest matches are presented by Merab Kupharadze.

Every week day famous people co-host our morning show. Weather forecast is presented by successful and well-known people from various spheres.

Otar Kiria reviews the main topics of the Georgian Newspapers and yellow press.

Every Wednesday you get gardening advices from famous botanist Zura Shevardznadze.

Ana Gunter and Maya Chapodze host the on-location entertainment part of the program on Mondays and Fridays. They promote healthy life style, present various useful beauty and fashion tips.

Family menu is assorted by Guram Bagdoshvili on Thursdays. 

Don`t miss Tuesday with weekly review of technics world with Maya Chapodze and “Elit Electronics”

Documentalist Rusudan Dzneladze present exclusive reports on unknown historical paces, events, museums and historical houses on Fridays.


Good Morning, Georgia is a result of a team working. Our team of producers and correspondents often works overnights to bring you the latest news happened in Georgia and in the whole world while you were sleeping. They are: Nino Arazashvili, Soso Mchedlidze, Lika Kintsurashvili, Ramaz Karchava, Dato Abramishvili, Maya Chapodze, Nino Lashkhi, Ani Marghania, Lika Nozadze, Elene Chitashvili, Guranda Avaliani, Salome Momtsemlidze, Tamta Gogolashvili, Nino Vardzelashvili. Don’t forget to tune on Rustavi 2 and start your day with our traditional greeting Good Morning, Georgia!

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