23 February 2019,   05:53
   Rustavi 2 TOUR

Rustavi 2 Broadcasting Company invites schools, institutions, and organizations to take an exciting guided tour to Rustavi 2 building. You will visit various departments, control rooms, studios, places, where our popular shows are created. Also You can choose your favorite Rustavi 2 star to guide You to the TV World together with our tour manager. Rustavi 2 Tour will introduce You to the latest TV technologies; You will be able to: learn the way our audio and video signal is transmitted via satellite to reach Your TV sets; check in our news video editing rooms to see journalists’ work process; see our ultra new and unique video archives.

The tour program includes seeing newsroom and studios during Courier live air. You will watch Courier team and hosts working live. Also You will find out what equipment is necessary for the studio filming and get acquainted with people, who are not shown on TV. After the tour You will be able to take photos in studio. Our souvenirs will remind you about the journey to Rustavi 2.

Rustavi 2 Tour is free. Everyone interested can take part in it. The tour lasts one hour and is offered on Saturdays. In order to book the tour please fill the registration form and send it to the following e-mail: r2tour@rustavi2.com

Number of the people in the tour group is limited to 17:

For school pupils it should be 15 pupils and 2 adults (a teacher and a parent);

For organizations and institutions – 16 members and a head.

For detailed information please call 220 11 11.

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