21 May 2022,   22:34
"We do not want Guram Kashia to play with the shirt of Georgian national team" - one of the leaders of the Patriots Alliance Guram Kashia

One of the leaders of Alliance of Patriots threatens to disrupt the match of Georgian national team on September 9. Konstantin Morgoshia says he will not allow Gura,m Kashia to play with the National Team Shirt.

One of the leaders of Alliance of Patriots confirms information about holding a rally in front of Dinamo Arena.

He says that the demonstrators will work in the frameworks of law and are not going to commit any violence.

The threatening statement was made by Konstantine Morgoshia on Facebook"s page.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already summoned Konstantin Morgoshia for questioning, However, he claims, that he is not summoned.

Aggression to Guram Kashia was resulted by the UEFA"s decision to award the UEFA Equality Award for supporting the LGBT community.

Because of insulting and threatening comments, Kashia was forced to abolish his official page on Facebook.