19 September 2020,   19:44
Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti central highway blocked for 8 hours - protest of Ninoshvili village population

Today, 18:22 132
Residents of the village Ninoshvili blocked the central highway connecting Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti for about 8 hours. In this form the disaster victims protested against the inaction of the government. According to locals, due to improper roads, there is no drainage system in the village and Ninoshvili will be flooded every time it rains, which causes the destruction of houses.

Participants of the rally say that the project was designed to arrange the drainage system and suspect that the funds allocated for these works were embezzled. The inhabitants of Ninoshvili village met representatives of Lanchkhuti mayor`s office with a protest rally.

The local government sees the way out in the eviction of residents of the village Ninoshvili and offers them alternative spaces.