22 October 2020,   17:27
Two Russian military ships followed the American ship in the Black Sea waters - Ross Wilson confirms the information

The acting ambassador of the United States of America confirms that the two Russian naval military vessels followed the American ship in the Black Sea waters .
According to Ross Wilson, it is characteristic of Russia to survey such activities of the American side .
"Generally, I would like to remind you that this is typical for Russia to track or follow such activities when the ships of the US or other countries move around. However, this is our right to carry out such operations in accordance with international law, and perhaps the Russians should be asked this question about what risks they see, "- the ambassador said.
The US Navy ship arrived in Batumi port. The crew members of the vessel crew were welcome with a festive reception in the port. The commander of the ship was met by members of the Adjara government and the head of the Coast Guard Department.