20 September 2020,   19:22
Minister, who has made the most unfriendly decision for businesses - 10 business associations will appeal to Ivane Machavariani

A joint letter of 10 business associations in Georgia to the Finance Minister - businessmen address Ivane Machavariani demanding to suspend the reduction of the import duties for 6 months. They plan to use this period for consultations. Otherwise, they think the crisis in business is inevitable. It is about a decree issued on May 31, 2019, according to which a number of benefits for importing companies are annulled. In the nearest future, businessmen will apply to the Prime Minister as well.
"If the state has an unpredictable government, if it is unpredictable what decision it will make tomorrow, it will create additional problems for investing ... the state instead of solving problems and reducing them, artificially creates them," says executive director of Taxpayer Association, Gigla Mikautadze.
The president of the Business Association of Distributors, Iva Chkonia says that the businessmen in the nearest future will address the Prime Minister and the government for a reasonable decision.
"Ivane Machavariani is a minister who has made the most unfriendly decision to business," said Iva Chkonia.