28 November 2020,   07:21
"Anaklia project has full support from our side" - Mamuka Bakhtadze

The "Anaklia Development Consortium" request regarding the extension of timeframes for submission of financial closure documents will be considered at the nearest meeting of the Government.
At present, the term for financial closure expires on June 15 . The allocation of 400-million- dollar funding by 4 International Bank depends on this decision. The Government of Georgia announced the full support of the Anaklia project in Washington, DC.
"The Anaklia project t has full support from our side. We fulfill our obligations and, moreover, we help the consortium members to fulfill their obligations, as a result, Georgia will get a deep-water port and which will enable us to take full advantage of our transit potential, "Mamuka Bakhtadze said.
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia David Zalakaliani states that the implementation of the Anaklia project is a political will of the Georgian government.