18 September 2020,   12:02
"Azeri border guards unequivocally claim that this is their territory" - pilgrims rode horses to David Gareji

Davit Gareji is Georgia -under this slogan "Garejba 2019 " has started. Participants of the march are planning various activities in the territory of David Gareji today and intend to go to the desert monastery. Restrictions for pilgrims were set up after 30 May, but now all accesses are open and Georgian and foreign tourists are free to visit the territory of the cultural heritage monument.
Today the horse race will be held in Davit Gareji, by riders who have come from different regions. According to them, holding a race in Gareji is a kind of protest to express the position that Davit Gareji is Georgia and there is nothing to contradict this.
The Ministry of Internal Affairs has increased the number of police forces to ensure security and order