24 November 2020,   17:24
We will not give consent to Melia"s detention, we will agree that the Prosecutor"s Office will appeal to the court - Sopho Kiladze

In order to arrest Nika Melia, the termination of his immunity should be discussed at the joint sitting of the Committee of Procedural Issues and Legal Issues.
The parliamentary opposition thinks that the majority are already in agreement and Melia"s immunity will be suspended.
The members of the parliamentary majority swear that they have not decided and they will decide only after hearing the arguments of the prosecutor"s office.
"It is important here that we take care to ensure that everyone"s rights are protected. The rest of the decision will be made by my colleagues after we listen to the prosecutor"s office. What we saw in the video on the night was some kind of ground but we need more information, details from the Prosecutor"s Office. We will not give consent to detention, but we will agree with the court that the prosecutor"s office will appeal to the court, "Sopho Kiladze said.