28 November 2020,   06:28
When nobody has been held responsible for the dispersal of the rally, Nika Melia"s detention is not advisable! - Ombudsman

"When nobody has been held responsible for the brutal crackdown and severe damage to the body of many people, it is not advisable to imprison Nika Melia as a preventive measure! - The Public Defender wrote about it on social networks.
Nino Lomjaria published this statement after the parliamentary majority suspended the immunity to the opposition MP.
"Despite the fact that any action that promotes violence and physical confrontation, especially in such an acute situation as was the evening of June 20, is unacceptable for us, I think that in the circumstances that caused severe crackdown on the rally, pretrial detention should not be used towards Nika Melia! - Nino Lomjaria writes.