30 September 2020,   13:37
Nika Melia"s case and statement of the Prosecutor"s Office - Melia"s lawyer responds to the investigative agency

Melia"s lawyer responds to the statement made by the prosecutor"s office regarding the case of MP Nika Melia. Giorgi Kondakhashvili has released a statement on the social networks on behalf of the legal company.
The company assesses the statement of the prosecution agency towards the law bureau as a deliberate discrediting attempt to mislead the public.
Representatives of the company are demanding evidence from the Prosecutor"s Office regarding the case.
The Prosecutor"s Office released a statement after Nika Melia"s lawyer spread videos about the events developed at the Parliament on the night of June 20th. The agency calls on the defense and calls on interested people to refrain from misleading the public. According to the Prosecutor"s Office, the record does not contain the full context and does not reflect the real picture of the developments at the time.