15 August 2020,   21:40
Expectations about the Strasbourg Court"s Decision - Analysts fear that the government will try to make wrong interpretations

The supporters of the broadcasting company are waiting for the Strasbourg Court"s historic decision on the Rustavi 2 - In the company"s yard people are waiting for the decision from early morning. Representatives of NGOs believe that Strasbourg"s decision will be in favor of Rustavi 2, but they think that the ruling party will do the best to use the decision of the ECHR for their interests.
"The suspension mechanism used. This indicates how important the issue is. This was an exceptional action of the court. ECHR supported Rustavi 2 and avoided inevitable processes against democracy.
First of all, the government should not start interpretations of the decision, I think everyone should read it properly and in-depth. Do not make any decision that will harm media independence, "- Sulkhan Saladze, the head of GYLA.
Media expert Tamar Kintsurashvili says that the main risk is how the government translates the decision. According to her, Judge Urtmelidze"s position was the first step towards unfair actions against Rustavi 2.
"There is a huge risk about the interpretation of the courts" decision. We should remember that in incipient part of the process the politicians were saying that the owner of the company should have been Kibar Khalvashi," - Said Tamar Kintsurashvili.
According to her without "Rustavi 2" the presence of free media space is impossible.
Zviad Koridze states that after the announcement of the decision, there will be the neccessary period of time for all parties to get in-depth is this decision.
"I have an expectation that the decision will not be in favor of the government and of course this will be had to be overcame," - Koridze said.
According to Lasha Tugushi, the government will represent the decision of the Strasbourg court with the different interpretations. Analysts think that in any case, the protection of Rustavi 2 is the responsibility of every citizen if they want to maintain democratic values.