22 October 2020,   17:26
"It can not be justfied... the floor is in complete dissonance with the temple" - "Patriarchate releases a statement regarding repair works in Kintsvisi


The Patriarchate releases a statement regarding repair works, which are underway in Kintsvisi Monastery/ In the framework of the construction the floor was replaced with marble tiles. The statement says that the incident was not be justified because the building is a 13th-century monument and a cultural heritage.

“As is known at the initiative of the local clergy in the Diocese of Ruis-Urbnisi, at Kintsvisi Cathedral, the floors of the 70s of the last century have been replaced with marble tiles.

Although the existing flooring was not antiquated, taking such a step is undoubtedly unjustified.

"Kintsvisi is a building of the XIII century and one of the most important monuments of cultural heritage and any work related to it should be carried out with proper permission.

As stated by the Cultural Heritage Agency, the monument was not damaged, but the paved floor is in complete dissonance with the temple and there is an urgent need to rectify the current reality as soon as possible,"- reads the statement.