08 December 2021,   11:15
Representatives of State Security Service were here, told us that they are trying to make it for free , - mother of young man, kidnapped by occupiers


Citizens of Georgia kidnapped by Russian occupants have not yet contacted their family members. The mother of one of them said that State Security Service officials were in the village and told them that the trial of the so-called detainees should be held and it will be decided when they will be released.

Eight detainees are being held in Tskhinvali isolator for four days already. Seven young men were kidnapped by occupants from Akhalsopeli cemetery and one from Mejvriskhevi.

Locals urge the government to take effective steps.

“Yesterday afternoon, the representatives of the State Security Service were here from Tbilisi and they told us that they are trying to do it without any problems and free of charge. There will be a court on Tuesday. It should be yesterday, but they don"t know why it didn"t happen, ”said one of the kidnapped mother.