18 September 2020,   20:41
"Svetitskhoveli is a symbol of country’s unity" - politicians also attended the celebration in Mtskheta

Representatives of the Government and members of the opposition party also attended the festive liturgy in Svetitskhoveli Cathedral of Mtskheta.

As the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality, Ketevan Tsikhelashvili said, Svetitskhoveli is a symbol of the country’s unity.

"Svetitskhoveli is a symbol of the unity of our country. I want to wish everyone to live in the Georgia that we are building today. In a peaceful and united Georgia. And the main challenge that our country faces today - barbed wire, ongoing occupation and humanitarian problems – will be overcome", - said the State Minister Ketevan Tsikhelashvili.

According to one of the leaders of "European Georgia" Davit Bakradze, Svetitskhovloba is especially distinguished holiday for the country.

"Today is a holiday that symbolizes the unity of our Georgian national identity, Christian shrines and identities. I would like to congratulate the whole of Georgia and wish every family good luck, peace and success", - said David Bakradze.