25 November 2020,   07:33
Maya Tskitishvili asks Anaklia Consortium to publish the letter

The deadline expires today for Anaklia Development Consortium to present the document that confirms filling up capital fully by the investor. In a few hours, it is likely to be known whether the contract will be terminated or the State prolongs it. Maia Tskitishvili, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure held at the Ministry a special briefing regarding the Anaklia Port Project.

"We really received a letter from Anaklia Development Consortium on October 10, 2019. But it does not contain specific port development plans or specific visions. Its content is completely different from the content voiced by the consortium"s management yesterday. It is noteworthy that, as indicated in the confidentiality clause of the agreement, the Anaklia Development Consortium restricted both the disclosure of the letter and the content of the letter. Unfortunately, at the same time, the Consortium itself provided to the society false information. Because of the high public interest we appeal to the Consortium to declare and publicize the letter itself", - said Maia Tskitishvili.

The deadline for fulfilling the obligations expires today, and the government"s decision will be announced tomorrow, October 16.