28 November 2020,   07:02
60% to Georgian Dream - Kobakhidze`s new election forecast

The former speaker of the Parliament Irakli Kobakhidze, who made the prediction of the 2020 parliamentary elections, changed the primary version. Now he predicts 60% of his team.

"In the current spectrum, in fact, the winning party must get at least about 45% in order to form a coalition. As for the winning party, no one doubts that in 2020 elections it will be the Georgian Dream. But 45% is not our goal and task. I think the real picture that will probably be created after the parliamentary elections, is 60-20-20. 60% for Georgian Dream, 20% - for National Movement with its European Georgia and 20% for the rest of the opposition. This is actually an achievable result Georgian Dream, - said Kobakhidze.
As he said, if the ruling party does not get 45% of the votes in the 2020 elections, it may be necessary to call for re-election