25 November 2020,   07:31
Consortium`s failure to comply with its obligations will not be surprising - Bakradze

According to one of the leaders of "European Georgia", David Bakradze, the authorities created to Anaklia Development Consortium all conditions to prevent them from fulfilling their obligations.

As he said, it would not be surprising if the Consortium does not fulfill its obligations.
"On the one hand, the Government creates problems to prevent Anaklia Consortium from fulfilling their obligations. On the other hand, as a neutral arbitrator, it will judge whether the consortium has fulfilled its obligations.
Will we be surprised that the Consortium fails to meet its obligations when the two main founders are prosecuted and when the largest US investor left it?! Therefore, in such circumstances, it would be no surprise that the Consortium failed to fulfill its obligation. And this will be the Government"s fault”, - said David Bakradze.